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AORBA to become one with CAMP

Hello to you all.

I am sending this email to you all and to Mack Story so that he will have your email addresses as he begins to organize and build CAMP (Central Alabama Mountain (bike) Pedallers).

Please email him and join CAMP. Mack is doing great things at Chewacla...with the help of many other of course...but Mack is the spearhead to all this!

I think the membership is $30.00 per person. Please join and become a supporter of the group that has created 15 miles of brand new, great trail since Thanksgiving!

Thanks to you all,

Brad Hooks

Brad Hooks
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Who is Auburn Off-Road Bike Association?

AORBA is made up of mountain bikers, of all skill levels and ages, from all over the Auburn/Opelika area. We are a new association whose purpose will be to promote the sport of mountain biking, to participate in the construction and maintenance of local trails and to be good stewards of the land we use.

AORBA members come from all walks of life. AORBA is a diverse group of mountain bikers that includes college students, grandparents, moms, dads, children…any citizen from the Auburn/Opelika area who is interested in the sport of mountain biking.

AORBA is a division of the Chatahoochee Valley Area – Southern Off-Road Biking Association (SORBA). SORBA is affiliated with the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA). Their mission, through the strength of a large group of active members, is to create, enhance and protect great trail experiences for mountain bikers worldwide. When you join AORBA and SORBA/IMBA you are helping to protect your great mountain biking experiences everywhere, but especially locally. SORBA/IMBA have been involved in the development of the Swayback Bridge Trail and the West Point Trail in our area. AORBA and SORBA/IMBA will be involved in the Lake Wilmore Trail and in future trail projects in the area.

To join AORBA or to get more information about us check out this website, the SORBA and IMBA websites or email Brad Hooks at

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